Meetup Fail

Hey, why don’t I try to find friends? Ooh, there's a 20's/30's social camping club I want to join. And I'll just click join... huh, it doesn't work. And it's all obfuscated javascript without any error messages, so I can't fix it. I guess I should tell the staff their website isn't working. What's this? There's no way to tell them anything? Gosh, this is just as bad as the last time I tried to join this group 5 years ago!

Sorry, I do try, but I've the worst of luck with getting that site working. And what groups I can join, um... well, today there's

I would go to the writer’s group, but I don’t have anything ready to read (and it’s about reading your stuff out loud). Also everyone who attends it is kind of married and happy so I don't really click with anyone. I will admit one of the things that made me reluctant to attend was all the knowing laughs and smiles when the guy read from his satirical advice novel on how to plan your wedding. Like three times in a row. It was so sexist too. Like... “Don’t allow the groom to have any say in design. That is a job for women only.” All that inflated self importance trying to coddle the bride into a false sense of security, giving her an illusion of power so she’ll willingly undertake a ritual to strip her of power and individuality.

Yeah... I don’t much care for weddings.

Tomorrow, there's... huh, the Portland Anarchist Collective's talking about something, but no venue was picked and it's uh... tomorrow. There's a hike through a local wildlife refuge that happens to be inaccessible by public transportation. The "Energizing Foods" workshop at the "TriOasis Wellness Center" is a little over my budget. And... more board games.

God I hate board games.

Hey, but these are just groups I’m a member of! Maybe I should look at groups in general! Even though I can’t join any group with a “/“ in their name, or something.

Yeah that... isn’t exactly a high rate of success. I think may be more of a waste of time than anything, if 99% of everyone’s going to meetups I either can’t stand, or am not allowed in due to my biological sex.

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