Body Pillows

Okay, seriously though, I want to address something that’s bothering me, like, really bothering me. The sheer amount of suffering that it causes everyone to ignore is just... horrifying. I refer of course, to dakimuras.

A dakimura or “body pillow” is a pillow designed specifically for hugging. It’s long and thin, and you generally hold it in your arms rather than laying your head on it. It’s... this doesn’t begin to describe the sheer depravity involved here. But that’s what a dakimura is: a pillow designed to be hugged, generally with a character on it that people would want to hug.

Our society is so fucked up it’s just... I can’t even keep my cool when writing this. How absolutely fucked up of a society do we have to be, that there are people who are so desperate for a hug—a hug! So desperate for a hug that they have to buy a pillow just to get one? There are people who don’t have anyone else at all, even for something as nice and healthy as a hug. We’re... we’re rejecting people so thoroughly and totally, that they’re all alone, all the time, forever. Yes they’re twisted, perverted loonies, but can you blame them? Who wouldn’t go crazy living a life so isolated that there’s nobody to keep them in check, nobody to set them straight, and nobody to even give them a hug?

And that’s not the worst part about it! The worst part is the shaming. People all over the place mercilessly tear into others for owning body pillows. They paint them as stereotypes, as ugly, smelly, unhealthy, even dangerous. They make jokes about how they’re creepy fetishists, about how they’re total losers who are such dickheads that they deserve to be alone. The body pillow is a mark of shame, when all it really is, is something to hug!

I just don’t get it. Dakimuras are absolutely terrible at sexual stimulation. Sure some may be... altered for that purpose, but for the most part, these body pillows have no holes, no knobs, no vibrating things, nothing to fuck. They’re just pillows! There are so many other things better at satisfying someone’s perverted desires: dildos, fleshlights, even bondage gear consistently draws attention to the genitals. Yet there’s always some Internet cartoonist, eager to push another perverted dakimura image on us, all covered in bodily fluids with no explanation as to how the pillow played any role in it. Yes, there are some girls, and a very few guys who can get off with only a pillow, but that’s true of just about anything!

We’re shaming people for owning a body pillow. We’re saying that they’re sexually aggressive, that they’re mentally retarded, that they’re one dark alleyway away from becoming that evil rapist that news media like to scare women with. We call them unsanitary, and careless, and disgusting and—and maybe they just needed a hug! We’re shaming people for wanting a hug!

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